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The School

For more than 30 years Gerard Gilet has dedicated his time and expertise to understanding the acoustic properties of the guitar and how that relates to construction techniques. In addition to building countless instruments and designing some of the finest acoustic guitars available today he has also funded formal studies at Sydney University into the acoustic properties of acoustic instruments and is currently co-authoring what may prove to be the definitive work on acoustic instrument design and construction.

Gilet Guiatrs TuitionAll of that experience and expertise is now available to anybody who wishes to apply themselves to learning the secrets of fine guitar construction by building a guitar themselves here at the Gilet Guitars workshop. Under the expert tutelage of Gerard and his protégés, Darrell, Arjuna, and Michael, you will be led through each stage of acoustic instrument construction as you work towards a completed instrument of real quality. More importantly however, you will understand “why” you are doing each stage so that you gain an even greater appreciation of both the instrument you have built as well as all of Gilet’s guitar designs.

Make no mistake; this is no “Build-a-kit” guitar course. Many courses on offer around the world involve simply assembling a kit while someone makes sure that you don’t go too far wrong. This course is not like that. You will build each component, largely by hand, from the finest woods available into a guitar of real quality. You will also be working in a dedicated guitar building environment, not a shed in someone's backyard. You will be building your instrument alongside Gilet's expert luthiers building customer Gilet Guitars. We invite you to take a look through the workshop where you will be working HERE.

Gilet Guiatrs TuitionMost people are ready to begin one of the simpler acoustic guitar models with only basic hand carpentry skills. However, perhaps you have already built a couple of guitars and are ready to try your hand at something more difficult, with the expertise of Gilet Guitars to guide you. Either way you should expect to complete your guitar over approximately 25 days of attendance. Most people attend the workshop one day per week and so you would expect to complete your guitar over about 6 months. If you have some more time and would like to attend a couple of days per week you could finish your project sooner.

New classes are run periodically so please contact us if you are interested in enrolling in our next class or if you would like to discuss a project that you have in mind to see whether it would appropriate to build at Gilet Guitars.


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