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Welcome to www.giletguitars.com.au

Gerard Gilet is a Sydney based guitar maker who has been at the forefront of acoustic guitar design in Australia. With over 30 years of experience making for a clientele of serious musicians and professionals, the Gilet guitar has become highly regarded and sought after.

So what is so different?

The tops are thinned by hand from the centre to the edge and are joined to the sides with solid wood linings (many other guitars have kerfed linings - slotted strips of wood). These solid linings provide the sides with rigidity to support the top so sound energy is reflected back into the top, thus making the sound more lively. The top braces are scalloped and tuned in relation to the backs (not just randomly assigned). The back and sides are machined to an exact thickness to achieve the right resonance. Structurally, the guitars are ahead of convention with wooden bindings in preference to plastic (to better take the knocks) and a laminated tail block to prevent the sides splitting if the guitar is dropped. The neck is supported by a brace just in front of the sound hole and attached to the neck and sides so the neck cannot collapse the top around the sound hole (another common mishap and often irreparable).

All Gilet guitars are made from magnificent and proven tone woods, some traditional, some Australian and some exotic. The guitars are sold world wide and have been purchased by international stars such as Sting and local musicians and, of course, people who just love guitars and want something special.


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