Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build

Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design is for everyone who wants to understand more about designing and building acoustic guitars using methods based on the acoustical and engineering sciences and contemporary small workshop practices.

For the first time, the sound output of a guitar is comprehensively related both theoretically and practically to the instrument’s woodwork, providing a logical and scientific method for designing guitars and real answers to questions that have challenged luthiers for centuries. Instruments built using these techniques are measurably more powerful, in-tune, responsive and playable than just about anything for sale in a music store. The differences are immediately audible.

First time builders and experts alike will find these two volumes invaluable. Building instructions and full sized plans are provided for four different types of guitar. But the real purpose of these volumes is to provide a design and build methodology that will allow the reader to construct just about any type of flat top guitar; the “perfect” guitar for yourself or your customer, using the same techniques that provide the quality and consistency required by pragmatic luthiers who make guitars for a living.

The book is the perfect accompaniment to the guitar making workshop.

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ISBN: 978-0-9871174-3-4

These guys are the world leaders in guitar building

–┬áTommy Emmanuel AM

There is plenty of practical information for both the novice and the experienced builder of guitars

– Prof Thomas Rossing PhD

In reading your book, I found it a wonderfully detailed account of guitar design, and very clearly written, for which I congratulate you

– Dr Neville thieve OAM, FIEAust, FAES