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The Book

Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build

Gilet Guitars and Guitarwoods are proud to announce the publication of our new book Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build- by Trevor Gore and Gerard Gilet. Two Volumes in hard back, with a forward by Gareth Koch [ARIA Award winner and member of Saffire- the Australia Guitar Quartet] and Thomas Rossing -[co-author of Physics of Musical Instruments]

Gilet Guiatrs Tuition

Volume 1 "Design", is dedicated to the science of acoustics including sound and hearing, vibration and resonance, and acoustic radiation, and its application to guitar design.

Gilet Guiatrs Tuition

Volume 2 "Build", details the practical realisation of Volume 1 showing the process of building a guitar from rough sawn wood up to finishing and set-up and includes plans for four types of guitar (fan braced classical, lattice braced classical, X-braced steel string and falcate braced steel string).

The two volumes together provide a theoretical background and practical foundation for the design and construction of acoustic guitars with more than 800 pages and over 1200 detailed photos and illustrations.

Gilet Guiatrs Tuition

Early reviewers say:

“The authors intimately link the science of acoustics and modal vibrations to the woodwork in the guitar and its resulting sound.”

      - Professor Tom Rossing (Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics)

“I have been the proud owner of several instruments crafted by Gerard Gilet, ranging from flamenco to single cone resophonic guitars. I have played Gerard’s guitars to my own (and possibly also the listeners’) satisfaction on three continents. ... both solo and with Saffire – The Australian Guitar Quartet. Recently, I made the exciting discovery of playing one of Trevor Gore’s guitars. ... And like all fine guitars this instrument has the special stamp of a thoroughbred, spirited yet refined. I therefore warmly recommend the work of Gerard Gilet and Trevor Gore, not only to luthiers and guitar specialists, but to all musicians, craftsmen, scientists and readers of all persuasions ”.

      - Gareth Koch - B.Mus, PhD; ARIA Award Winner 2003; Lecturer in Classical Guitar, University of Tasmania; Solo recording artist, ABC Classics; Saffire – The Australian Guitar Quartet.

“In reading your book, I found it a wonderfully detailed account of guitar design, and very clearly written, for which I must congratulate you”.

      - Dr. Neville Thiele - OAM, FIEAust, FAES; pre-eminent acoustic theoretician, responsible with R. H. Small for the development of the Thiele/Small parameters for loudspeaker design.

The full of table of contents of Volume 1 can be viewed HERE and Volume 2 HERE.

Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build is available now!


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